Online SoulCollage® workshop Inner Critic

When you feel stuck, depressed, stressed or frustrated, chances are your inner critic is controlling your life. With this online workshop you start to free yourself and you will dare to chase your dreams (even) more.

June 12,  2022

7 pm – 10 pm cest
Online | € 40,-

Online SoulCollage® workshop Inner Critic

Don’t you think it’s time that this voice in you may soften and that you have loving thoughts and be loving towards yourself?

That you say to yourself “you can do this” instead of “who do you think you are?” That you no longer say such unkind things about yourself, about your body, about your feelings and about your actions?

The inner critic often stops you from living life to the fullest and going after your dreams and desires.

Understanding my inner critic brought me a lot. I was also bothered by all those mean voices and listened to them. I believed them, so I didn’t dare to live and show my true self.

As the inner critic became more apparent, I discovered the tremendous impact it had on my life and decided not to listen to it anymore and used ways to lower the impact of this part. I started chasing my dreams and felt that everything started to flow. I lifted a huge burden off of me.

We all have this voice in us that says all kinds of nasty things about ourselves. Why we’re not good enough, why we won’t be successful, why people won’t like us, why we shouldn’t do something.

It is a part of us that has been created in our lives by our society and the people who have influenced us, often in childhood. Sometimes it’s through a seemingly innocuous comment, sometimes through serious trauma.

The inner critic develops more and more as we get older and often it is not one voice, but 2 or more.

When we want to do something that takes us  out of our comfort zone, the inner critic very quickly steps in and tries to hold you back by saying condescending things that prevent you from doing it.

Do you want to become more gentle with yourself, dare more, love yourself more and start chasing your dreams? Then follow this workshop and set yourself free.

In this workshop

  • I will teach you more about this inner critic and what you can do to not let it have so much influence in your life, so that you really dare to stand for who you are and start fulfilling your desires
  • I will help you explore your own inner critic
  • I teach you how to give less stage to the inner critic in your life
  • Will we use SoulCollage® to balance the inner critic
  • I will teach you what to do when your inner critic rears its head at some point
  • You could have a life changing experience
  • You will share your experiences with like-minded people, so you can support eachother too

Practical Information

The workshop will be in Englsih and will take place online via Zoom on June 12 from 7:00 to 10 pm cest (NL time). You can use this converter to find out about your time zone. Your investment is €40,-

This workshop is also suitable for you if you have already made a SoulCollage® cards about the inner critic, we are going to explore this part of yourself even more deeply.

It will be recorded (not the breakout rooms), so if you have to miss it, you can watch it at another moment.

What do you need?

  • Paper/notebook
  • pen
  • images/magazines
  • cardboard
  • glue
  • pair of scissors
  • blade (optional)
  • cutting mat (optional)

If you live in Europe, you can buy the material in my webshop, outside of Europe at Hanfordmead or Kaleidosoul

Do you want to take this important step for yourself?

Lucy is a SoulCollage® facilitator and trainer and Inner Leadership expert. She is trained by Tara Mohr as a Playing Big facilitator and learned much more about the Inner Critic.

Experiences of participants

It was a beautiful evening for me with a wonderful insight. I know where my inner critic comes from. And I didn’t see that coming 🙂
This is so valuable to me that I feel like I’m one step closer. Another skin peeled off! Thanks for that!
The information you gave during the evening was valuable and also very pleasant. A nice embedding of theory and then making a map.

– Annelinde van Wouw, SoulCollage® Facilitator and coach

Lucy Schaaphok

Since 2005 I have been giving trainings, courses and retreats in the field of inner leadership, personal growth and SoulCollage®. I also train people in the SoulCollage® method to become facilitators.
I am also a visual artist and I also use painting and dance (inspired by Biodanza) in retreats I give.

online SoulCollage® workshop Inner Critic

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