SoulCollage® and the 7 Spiritual Laws of Success

Are you holding yourself back in your success in life? Not sure how to change that? This online course offers you tools to boost your success with using SoulCollage®.

Start: February 7th 2023

7 online workshops and more

Costs: €197,-

Are you holding yourself back in your success?

Do you want to deepen your SoulCollage® experience?

Not sure how to change your patterns? Then join this course in which I combine the seven spiritual laws of success with SoulCollage®.

Do you believe that everything is energy is and that essentially everything is possible?

We will use the 7 Spiritual Laws of Success book of Deepak Chopra. Nice to read, but what do you do with it in practice? That’s where SoulCollage® comes in.

Based on Chopra’s book, we will work around a law every month with making cards, with different excercises with the cards and sharing our experiences. In this way you will integrate a law in your life.

You will find out more about your personalities and patterns and how to change them to help you achieve your dreams.

you are the one who is blocking yourself in realizing your dreams

Following your inner knowledge works beter than only hard work

According to Chopra (and I agree), success is not always the result of hard work, planning and ambition. He uses seven spiritual laws of nature that can be a strong guideline on your path.

Do you want to create more success in your life, in every way you wish? Like relationships, where you live, finances, career. Using SoulCollage® in conjunction with these laws allows you to have magical experiences as you can tap into and use deep, wise parts of yourself, such as your inner personalities and archetypes.

Allow yourself more flow and success in your life

In this course you will learn

7 spiritual laws of success

  • How to go beyond your own limitations

    You will gain clear insights in how you limit yourself and how you can solve this

  • What is needed to create success

    There are 7 steps you can take to achieve success. These steps are guided with SoulCollage® to really integrate them into your life

  • How to tap deeper layers of yourself with every law

    Reading is not always enough to get to each step. Sometimes so much happens on an unconscious level that you don’t take the steps. By using SoulCollage® you can bring this to light and move forward.

The 7 spiritual laws of success

How does it work?

Every month we will work with a law. You will read the chapter of the book, we will meet in an online workshop to go deeper with SoulCollage® by making cards and to work with them in different ways. We will use some excercises of the book.

Every week there is an assignment to work on, which you will also receive by email.

In the community you can share your experiences and cards and ask questions.

Do you want to create more success in your life, in any way?

Trainer / coach

Lucy Schaaphok is an expert on inner leadership and personal growth, combined with SoulCollage®.

She provides training, retreats and coaching and het way of working with the SoulCollage® cards has inspired many people,

Date & costs

Start February 7
8 – 10 pm CEST

online workshops

February 7
March 7
April 4
May 2
May 30
July 11
September 5

Costs €197,-

Bring a friend: € 20,- discount

You can pay safe, simple and easy with Creditcard, Ideal or Paypal

The 7 spiritual laws of success

We cover the following laws:

  1. The law of pure potentiality
  2. The law of giving
  3. The law of ‘karma’ or cause and effect
  4. The law of least effort
  5. The law of intention and desire
  6. The law of detachment
  7. The law of ‘dharma’ or purpose in life

Cancellation Policy

You can cancel 1 month after the start, after this month it is not possible to cancel anymore.


” I think the course is fantastic, very inspiring and with great tips, really great !!!”
Waltraud Wevers

“Because of this course I have become more aware of what I need. I have gained clarity about how finding my inner balance works for me. I have become more aware of my patterns and the steps I have to take for more focus on those things that really matter to more success in my life.

I now know better how I can persevere in building my own success and what steps I have to take in that.”

Linda Wetjens

Frequently asked questions

FAQ – 7 spiritual laws of success

I will record each workshop, so you can watch it at a later moment.

Yes you can and is is wonderful to do this with a friend, to share experiences toegether. When you bring a friend you will receive a discount of € 20,- with your subscription.

The workshops will be live and recorded, so you won’t have to miss anything. In between the workshops you wil receive tips and assigments by mail

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Online course 7 spiritual laws of success and SoulCollage®

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Love, Lucy

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